One day, a friend sent me a message: Hey, there are a lot of cheap flight tickets to everywhere in Vietnam, please choose one place, make an itinerary and we go ☺.

After some days considering, we decided to book flight tickets to Chu Lai Airport in May 2018. From this airport, we can go to many places such as: Ly Son Island, Tam Thanh Beach, Tam ky town, My Khe beach (the same name as the beach in Da Nang, but it is a beach in Quang Nam).

With 4 days, we decided to spend our holiday in Tam Thanh Beach and Hoi An.

From the Chu Lai Airport, there are some free shuttle buses to Quang Ngai city and Tam Ky town.  Then from Tam Ky, you can take taxi to go to Ha Thanh – Tam Thanh beach. However, in our group there were some little kids, we hired a 16-seat car with the price of 1.100.000 VND to go from the airport to Tam Thanh beach.

Ha Thanh – Tam thanh beach is very pristine and beautiful with white sand and blue water. It is not crowed, and it is one of few beaches where stretches the horizon with few people on it.

We stayed at Tam Thanh Resort & Spa, near the beach: 1.150.000 VND for a deluxe room, and 900.000vND for a superior room.

Opposite the resort, there are a lot of restaurants. We tried some restaurants and found that the seafood was fresh and cheap. Normally, we spent from 100.000 to 150.000VND/person/meal.

On the second day, we take taxis to Bich Hoa Village, 7km far from the resort. Taxi was so expensive here because we had to pay for 2 kinds of costs: one is for a calling taxi, 150.000VND for a call, and one is for the km you go.

Before going to Bich Hoa Village, I thought it would be so amazing. But when we got there, I did not know how to say and what to feel. All I felt was disappointed. There are only few pictures on some walls. The pictures are so nice. However, if pictures are on every walls, this village will be impress better for visitors.

The beach here is very nice with very big waves. It will be suitable for surfing. And we were permitted to visit a house: Jack Tran beach’s house which is so sweet. The house has 2 bed-rooms, a living room and kitchen. The cost for renting all the house is 8.000.000 VND.

On the third day, we hired 16-seat car (costed 900.000VND) moved to Hoi An. It is about 40km from Ha Thanh Beach to Hoi An.

Hoi An is the place where I have been many times. And for each time, Hoi An also made me differently special impressions. One day, I will right some reviews about Hoi An, but not today ☺