Phu Yen is a coastal province in the South Central Coast of Vietnam, shares the border with Binh Dinh province to the north and Khanh Hoa to the south. Phu Yen is a beautiful land with attractive beaches and islands, special culture. You will not forget amazing sightseeings such as: O Loan Swam, The Sea Cliff of Stone Plates (Ghenh da dia), Xuan Dai Bay, romatic beaches, …


There an airport in Tuy Hoa city-Phu Yen and the roads which are along coast are safe with extremely pretty view. So Visitors have many choices to go to Phu Yen: By air, bay train, by bus, by motorbike.

By Air

  • You can use VNA, Vietjet Air or Jestar Pacific to go to Tuy Hoa Airport from Ha Noi or Ho Chi Minh city.
  • The average rate is about 3 million VND per a return ticket.

By bus or bedding coach

  • You can catch bus or bed coach from Ha Noi, Da nang, Quy Nhon, Nha Trang or Ho Chi Minh
  • From Ha Noi: It will take you a day to go from Ha Noi to Tuy Hoa City – Phu Yen.
  • The ticket price is around 600.000VND/ticket.
  • Departure: Nuoc Ngam Bus Station or Giap Bat Station.
  • Time: The first bus is at 1 a.m and the last one is at 20.00
  • There are some bus companies such as: Hoang Long, Tam Hong, Minh Thu, Hong Ngoc, Hien Phuong, Anh Khuyen, …
  • From Ho Chi Minh. You need 10 hours to get Tuy Hoa city from Ho Chi Minh City.
  • The ticket price is from 230.000 VND/ticket.
  • Departure: Mien Dong Bus Station.
  • Time: Most of buses or coaches are leave Ho Chi Minh City in the evening and arrive in Tuy Hoa the next morning, however, there are some which start from 7 a.m.
  • There are some bus companies such as: Thuan Thao, Cuc Tu, Hong Son, Binh Phuong, Thanh Ban, Nam Tien, Nam Rum, Phuc Thuan Thao, Pokemon, Lien Hung, Long Nguyen, Y Linh Chi, Tam Hong, Hoang Tot,  Hong Ngoc, Hien Phuong, Anh Khuyen, Hung Tien, …:
  • Hung Tien: 540 Nguyen Van Linh, Tuy Hoa.
  • From Quy Nhon
  • The ticket price is about 70.000 VND/ticket.
  • Departure: Quy Nhon Bus Station.
  • Time: It takes 2 hours to go from Quy Nhon-Binh Dinh to Tuy Hoa – Phu Yen
  • There are some bus companies such as: Phuc Thuan Thao, Sao Limousine, Tam Hong
  • From Nha Trang: needs 2 hours and half to get to Tuy Hoa.
  • The ticket price is about 75.000 VND/ticket.
  • Departure: Nha Trang Bus Station.
  • Time: It takes 2 hours to go from Quy Nhon-Binh Dinh to Tuy Hoa – Phu Yen
  • There are some bus companies such as: Phuc Thuan Thao, Sao Limousine, Tam Hong, Cuc Tung limousine

By Train

  • Ha Noi – Tuy Hoa:
  • There are some trains such as: S1, S3, S5, S7, S9, TN1
  • Time: The earliest time for departure from Ha Noi: 6 a.m and the latest time for departure from Ha Noi: 22.20. It also takes 24 hours to go by train.
  • Price: The lowest price for hard seat ticket is around 500.000 VND and the highest price for bed ticket in 4-bed cabin with air-conditioning is 1.400.000 VND.
  • Tuy Hoa – Ha Noi:
  • Trains: S2, S4, S6, S8, S10, TN2.
  • Time: earliest train: 1 a.m; Latest train:18.37 p.m
  • Ho Chi Minh – Tuy Hoa
  • Trains: S2, S4, S6, S8, S10, TN2, SQN2.
  • Time: Take 9 hours and half.
  • Price: The lowest price for hard seat ticket is around 300.000 VND and the highest price for bed ticket in 4-bed cabin with air-conditioning is 9500.000 VND.

By motorbike

  • Many people like to take a journey through all coastal provinces in Vietnam by motorbike. This experience is so exciting and unforgettable. They are extremely interested in riding on the high way with a side of mountains and the other of blue sea.


  1. Rent motorbike: You can rent a motorbike with the price of 100.000 – 150.000 VND/day in any hotels in Phu Yen, besides, you also consider to hire one in the following places:
  • Rjn: 31 Tran Qui Cap, Ward 3, Tuy Hoa. Tel: 0971945988 (Mr. Men) – 01666661221 (Mr. Vu). You can rent tents for picnic.
  • Lien Cuong: 22 Tran Binh Trong, Tuy Hoa. Tel: 0949537010 – 0946956881
  • Thanh Sang: 185 Ba Trieu, Ward 7, Tuy Hoa. Tel: 0917251170 – 0913707446
  • Motor for rent at 27 Tran Quy Cap: 27 Tran Quy Cap, Ward 3, Tuy Hoa, Tel: 0934831626
  • Tung Sang: 19 Le Thanh Ton, Ward 1, Tuy Hoa. Tel: 0934074522 – 01666000012
  • Mr. Trinh: 0982.01.57.01 Email:
  • Rent car: You can rent 4-, 7-, 9-, 16-seat car in some hotels or some travel companies, such as:
  • Hong Vinh – 46 Tran Hung Dao – Tuy Hoa. Tel: 0905825005 – 0913495432
  • Anh Tuan: 337 Nguyen Hue, Tuy Hoa. Tel: 0257. 3823569.
  • Le Huyen: 58 Nguyen Trai, Tuy Hoa: Tel: –
  • Le Dang 148 Nguyen Van Linh, Tuy Hoa: 0935 456 567 – 0985 186 188
  • Taxi: You will spend more money if you use taxi to travel round Phu Yen. However, for the short distances around the city, you can go by taxi. There are some taxis as below:
  • Taxi Mai Linh Phu Yen: 0257.
  • Taxi Thuan Thao Phu Yen: 0257.3.810.810
  • Sun Taxi Phu Yen: 0257.
  • Sao Taxi Phu Yen: 0257.3.819.819
  • Taxi Hoang Anh Phu Yen: 0257.
  • Rent a boat
  • You can move to some beautiful islands: hon Nua, Cu Lao Mai Nha, Hon Chua, … in Phu Yen by cano or boat at some ports such as: Vung Ro Port, Dai Lanh Port (in Khach Hoa), …
  • Basing on the distant from land to each island, the renting price is from 500.000 – 1.000.000 VND. 
  1. ACCOMODATION: The room rate in Tuy Hoa is a little bit cheaper than other places.
  • Hotels near the Tuy Hoa beach:
    • Sala Tuy Hoa Beach: 51 Doc Lap, Ward 7, Tuy Hoa. Tel: (+84) 257 368 6666
    • KHÁCH SẠN LONG BEACH (3-star hotel): 17 Doc Lap, Ward 7, Tuy Hoa. Tel: 0257 384 2828
  • Cong Doan Hotel: 53 Doc Lap, Ward 7, Tuy Hoa. Tel:  0257.3823187 – 3810863.
    • Thuan Thao Resort (4-star): Doc  Lap, Tuy Hoa. Tel: 0257 3501 480
    • Farmer community hotel: Doc Lap, Tuy Hoa. Tel:  0257 3846 662
    • Scandia Resort: Doc Lap, Tuy Hoa. Tel: 094 202 31 86
  • KHÁCH SẠN SÀI GÒN PHÚ YÊN (4-star): 541 Tran Hung Dao, Ward 6, Tuy Hoa. Tel:  0257 322 999;
  • Nhiet Doi Hotel (1-star): 216, Nguyen Hue, Tuy Hoa
  • Botanic Hotel: 2 Le Quan, Ward 6, Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen. Tel: 0257 6273 939
  • Homestay Moc Mien: 26 Luong Tan Thinh, Ward7, Tuy Hoa. Tel: 0886 992 799
  • Resorts & Hotel in Phu Yen
  • VIETSTAR RESORT & SPA (5-star): Nui Thom – An Phu – Tuy Hoa City.
    Phu Yen Province. Tel: 0257 378 9999, 0257 379 3470.
  • CenDeluxe Hotel (5-star): 02 Hai Duong Street, Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen province. Tel: 0257 381 8818
  • Kaya Hotel (4-star): 238 Hung Vuong Boulevard, Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen. Tel: 0257 381 9999
  • HUNG VUONG HOTEL (3-star): 239 – 241 HUNG VUONG STREET, TUY HOA CITY, PHU YEN PROVINCE. Tel: 0257 625 3545; 0257 625 3546
  • Hong Ngoc Hotel: 184 – 186 Hung Vuong, Ward 9, Tuy, Hoa. Tel: 0257 383 8385
    0257 383 8386
  • Sinh Hien (2-star): 461 – 463 Hung Vuong, Ward 9, Tuy, Hoa. Tel: 0257 384 6550; 0257 355 3820
  • CÔNG TY DỊCH VỤ DU LỊCH VÀ KHÁCH SẠN TIẾN PHÁT (2-star): Hung Vuong, Ward 9, Tuy, Hoa. Tel: 0257 3666 768; 0935 579 339
  • Yasaka Hương Sen Restaurant & Hotel: 22b Nguyen Tat Thanh, Tuy Hoa. Tel: 0257 383 8090


  • Tune’s eyes: a speciality in Phu Yen, is double boilded with special ingredients in order to make a delicious and healthy food. The price is about 30.000 VND/pax in Ba Tam restaurant at 289 Le Duan.
  • Corns with fish sauce or chily salts: in Hung Vuong street. It is a unique food in Viet Nam.
  • Banh Canh He: is an idyllic food with simple ingrediences such as: frilled fish, port, quail’s eggs and noodles. The difference of this food is that the sause is made from many kinds of small fish and is eaten with chives.
  • Banh Can:
  • Banh hoi long heo: is made from rice flour and eaten with pig’s stomach. You can try in Ba Nam Phu Tho restaurant in Nguyen Van Linh street.
  • My Man & Sup Huyet: is spicy noodles in Vietnam. It consists of noodles with spicy sauses.
  • Ca Mai salad: Mai fish is a kind of fish in O loan Swamp. It is very special.
  • Half dried beef: the beef is marinated with many spices and basked one day. Before eating it will be barbecued. It is so delicious.
  • Blood Cockles in O loan swamp


  1. Cu Mong Pass: located between Binh Dinh and Phu Yen. It is one of beautiful passes in Vietnam.

  2. Xuan Dai Bay: is surrounded by Co Ngua mountain, which stretches into the sea by about 15km. There are many small islands in the bay. The gulf coast is about 50km long, running through different terrains with interesting names such as: Ganh Den (Lamp rock), Da Ong Cape (Laterite), Ganh Den (Black Rock), Ganh Do (Red Rock), etc… The attraction of Xuan Dai Bay is the white, smooth sand, and soft waves. The bow-shaped Bai Dai (Dai beach) is over 5 km long, covered by pine forests. At the bay mouth is Ghanh Den, a red-white light house. Tourists can discover the life of local people at fishing villages in the bay.

  • White sand dunes: Sand dunes in Xuan Dai Bay are as beautiful as ones in Quang Binh, Binh Thuan. One of nice dunes is near Tu Nham 2 beach.

  • Gang Slope: is a place where you wil have the view of all Xuan Dai Bay. It is so amazing, especially in the evening.

  • Beaches:

+ Xuan Hai beach, Rang Beach, Bau beach, Bang beach, Tram beach: are very wild and pretty with white sand and blue sea.

+ Om beach: is one of the most beautiful beaches in Xuan Dai Bay.

+ Tu Nham 2 beach: is a long beach with wonderful white sand and white sand dunes.

+ Vinh Hoa Beach: is also extremely nice, surrounded by mountain and coconut trees.

  • Nhat Tu Son Island: is a small island which is so interesting. You will have a strange experience in walking from the land to the island while the tides is low.

  • The Sea Cliff of Stone Plates (Ghenh da dia): located in Ninh Dong Commune, Tuy Anh Dist., is 30 km far from Tuy Hoa City. The Sea Cliff of Stone Plates is so unique and fantastic that everyone is trongly impressed with a collection of interlocking basalt columns in a wide variety of differing shapes and sizes. The cliffs are dark lava hexagonal columns with flat surfaces, resembling dinner plates. It is about 50m wide and stretches over 2,000m long. Each column has an average visible height of 60-80cm, cross-section of 20-30cm. There are an estimated 35,000 rock columns standing in close position as if supernaturally placed. It is fantastic just to sit on a rock column there and let the senses take in the high sky and the immense sea and breathe cool fresh air from the sea.

  • Ghenh Den Lighthouse: near Ghenh Da Dia. Its special point is many stones with different shapes

  • Wooden bridge Mr. Tiger (Ong Cop wooden bridge): with the lengh of 400m, is the longest wooden brodge in Vietnam. It is near the 1A highway from Song Cau Town to Tuy Hoa city. It is also the short cut to Ghenh Da Dia if you go on food.

  • O Loan Swamp, one of attractive beauty spots in Phu Yen, is a national sightseeing of Phu Yen. It is famous for peace, fresh air, delicious seafood and friendly people. O Loan Swamp with the width of 17.5 square km and the depth of 1.2-1.4m is in Chi Thanh town, Tuy An District which is about 24km from Tuy Hoa. It is very beautiful at sunset and sunrise. After visiting the swamp, don’t forget to enjoy delicious seafood dishes and specialties of the region at several restaurants. 

  • Ghenh Ong – Xep beach: Xep beach is surrounded by 2 areas of dark stones called Ghenh Ong. You can climp and walk on a grass field on the top of Ghenh Ong and see Xep beach with yellow sand and blue sea below.

  • Hon Yen: together with Hon Sun, Ghenh Yen, Phu Thuong beach, make you impassioned. There you can swim, do the coral snorkeling, …. Normally you have to go there by boat but you can walk to the island from the land when the tides is low at the beginning of month.

  • Mang Lang Church:

Tuy Hoa City: 

  • Hon Chua Island with many coconut trees and casuarina trees is an extremely romatic scene. Beside of white sand beach, this island is also very famous for many colorful corals with a lot of fish, shrimps, lobsters, scrabs, squips, … where you can snokle corals.

  • Long Thuy Beach: is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Yen.

  • Nhan Tower: in the top of a hill in Tuy Hoa City, is the cool place where you can see a nice part of Tuy Hoa City.

  • Tuy Hoa beach is a beach inside Tuy Hoa City.

Dai Lanh

  • Dai Lanh lighthouse, Mui Dien: Many people think this place is the first place in Vietnam to see dawn. In the footer of the mountain there is a small beach (Mon beach) but very beautiful and wild. You can spend a night in Dai Lanh Lighthouse and get up early the next morning to clip the lighthouse to see dawn. The view is so amazing.

  • Vung Ro Bay with especially blue sea, located in the footer of Ca Pass has a lot of small nice beaches.

  • Ca Pass: is one of the most beautiful passes in the coastal provices in VN. One side of Ca Pass is high mountains and the other side is blue sea. These make Ca Pass has a majestic view.

  • Beaches: Along the road from Tuy Hoa City to Dai Lanh, you can see a lot of pretty and wild beaches with clear water and blue sea such as: Tien Beach, Goc beach, Phu Tho-Hiep Hoa Trung beach, Mon beach.


    • Ho Thang Cliff of Stone: You will always think that Cliff of stone must be near the sea. However, Ho Thang Cliff of stone is diferrent. It is the middle of fields and surrounded by rice fields.

    • Dong Cam Dam with the length of 688m is the biggest irrigation work in Phu Yen and is one of the most charming irrigation works in Viet Nam. The dam is like a long waterfall which is so beautiful.

  • Van Hoa Highland which is consideres as Da Lat, is suitable for picnic and camping because of cool climate and nice view.

  • Vuc Hom Waterfall in Vinh Xuan Hamlet, An Linh commune, Tuy An District is 45km far from Tuy Hoa. It is a beautiful and strange waterfall and lies huge columns of bazal stones which are like Cliff of stone: Ghenh da dia

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