Vietnam – a must visit country in SEA

Must Visit Vietnam If You Are A Fun Loving

Vietnam is getting popular as a new adventure among the fun-loving people. There are so many things to do and enjoy a lot. Vietnam is a country that will make you learn how to cope with nature and how it is beautiful. After coming here, you might feel a bit tough to leave this place since it is so fascinating in various aspects.

In this photograph taken on July 31, 2018, visitors walk along the 150-meter long Cau Vang “Golden Bridge” in the Ba Na Hills near Danang. – Nestled in the forested hills of central Vietnam two giant concrete hands emerge from the trees, holding up a glimmering golden bridge crowded with gleeful visitors taking selfies at the country’s latest eccentric tourist draw. (Photo by Linh PHAM / AFP) (Photo credit should read LINH PHAM/AFP/Getty Images) *** BESTPIX ***

For fun and nature loving people, this is a great place. You can explore a wide array of amazing place including beaches, caves, mountains etc. It gives you a great break from your busy life. Whether you want to go with your friends, family or spouse, it is just amazing to go with anyone.

Vietnam trip – How Long You Need to Explore This Country?

If you really wish to have an amazing experience, then you should spend at least one week or more. According to experts, it really would need 3-4 weeks in order to explore the beauty of Vietnam in a detailed manner.

Vietnam trip is also quite popular among the people because of friendly and vibrant culture. You will explore many things whether it is about places, life style of people, food, culture, fashion and so on. You will have so much fun.

Travel Vietnam –

If you are going to Travel Vietnam, then you must have knowledge of itineraries that you should not miss ever.

  • Northern Vietnam Itinerary – It starts in Hanoi and heads north and it is must visit if you really wish to enjoy incredible beauty of nature.
  • Central Vietnam Itinerary – It covers Hanoi and heads south and you should go for it if you are a culture buff or complete foodie. Moreover, you can also enjoy strolling along with beaches and Vietnam’s incredible caves.
  • Southern Vietnam Itinerary- It begins from Ho Chi Minh City and ideal to explore to have an amazing experience.

Though Vietnam has become quite popular, it is still quite cheap to visit. You can have delicious and different food from $2.  The hotel rent is also cheap. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go and enjoy.